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1860 u.s.
I added the outline for the 1940 Census, but have no data so I'm looking for volunteers (as well as for other missing information) 27 Apr 2014
I sent the paper files collected by Ernest Spencer and Tedd Rowley up to New England Historical and Genealogical Society for their manuscript collection. Now if anyone has questions about sources, they should contact the society or they can visit the site in Boston and see the collection themselves.  I would also like to see others add to this collection. (You don't have to be members of NEHGS to do this.) Also anyone who would like to contribute to the publishing of the Rowley multi-branch book genealogy is welcome to add to the annuity I am leaving the NEHGS. 24 Jan 2017
Updated CHARTS page to show those I have as immigrants.  We now have 61 branches/immigrants. 20 Jan 2017
Updated Records/Marriages and Records/Cemetery pages to include many Jackson Co, WV cemetery records 20 Jan 2017
Updated Chart 1-7.6704 24 Jan 2017
Relinked ALL Photographs 7 Feb 2017
Added DNA Page and modified 25 Feb 2017
1860 U.S. Federal Population Census entry completed. 17 Mar 2017
1870 U.S. Federal Population Census started. Finished entries for Louisiana and Oregon, but am not satisfied with source since does not include views 17 Mar 2017
1870 U.S. Federal Population Census for Pennsylvania.  Had to use two sources, But got  there.  Did you know they did two enumerations of the census of Philadelphia for this year? And of course they don't quite match.5 April 2017
1870 U.S. Federal Population Census completed for Arizona Territory, California, Colorado Territory, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maine, Montana Territory, North Carolina, and Utah 6 May 2017
1870 U.S. Federal Population Census completed for Maryland and updated Chart 1-7.1534 29 May 2017

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